Apocalypse Puzzle

Apocalypse Puzzle

The very word, apocalypse, conjures up images of cataclysmic mayhem of unbelievable proportions. Books and movies try to depict the end of the world using every legend and source imaginable. 

Only one source, though, is reliable, and that is the Bible.

Having created the world, God has worked out His plan and purpose for thousands of years. The end of the age is no exception. He has revealed very clearly what will happen. Unraveling the meaning of those prophesies, though, has been confusing and contradicting, almost like guesswork. As you read the Apocalypse Puzzle you may want to reconsider some truths you have been taught, and then put the puzzle back together all over again. The picture of the immediate future may then come into clear focus. Why is this even important? Because God wants to change your heart, turn your eyes from the allure of this world, and convince you to trust Him with full surrender.

-- Dave Eymann, Author

"I looked up Tribulation on the Internet while reading your book. There were so many charts and timelines that it almost looked cultic. Reading your book has drawn me into Revelation with interest and understanding for the first time. It makes sense now, it's relevant,and I find myself wanting to look deeper and understand more"

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